What are Some Benefits of Using a Salesforce Connector for Excel?

Ms Excel and Salesforce are both very powerful tools for the management and manipulation of business data. One is a spreadsheet program, and the other is a customer relationship management system. When you're using the two applications at the same time, there's the possibility of data redundancy leading to a lot wastage and disorganization. That's why there is the need to bring in a third-party application--the Salesforce connector for Excel to help manipulate data on either application without duplication or redundancy.

The benefits of using a Salesforce NetSuite Connector is built to transmit customer orders are many, including:

Cloud Friendly

You can utilize the add-in from the cloud, eliminating the need to utilize your own hardware or software environment for this specific purpose. What installation options you have for your Salesforce connector for Excel depends on the vendor, though.

Easy Synchronization of Data

When you have the third party application, you can synchronize data in either direction. So, if you have thousands of records in your MS Excel program or Salesforce CRM, there's no need to enter it afresh. Just synchronize the data, and make it possible to manipulate it from either side.

Quick Mass Updates

Celigos OpenAir Salesforce Connector plays a very critical role when you need to create, delete, or edit records in your database. The solution provides the ability to query entire objects and pull all the field data. You may then filter and generate reports based on the records, or you could edit the fields en masse.


In this world where hacking is pretty much like the order of the day, businesses that process some or all of their data over the cloud have to consider maximum security for their systems. When you use the Salesforce connector for Excel, you'll be able to transfer or edit data without having to worry about possible illegal access. The entire system is highly secured, and only users with the right usernames and passwords can access it and manipulate your business data in any conceivable way.

Increase in Productivity

Use of the Salesforce connector for excel has so many benefits, but the general idea is to improve productivity. The capacity to process data en masse regardless of its source is important for businesses that wish to complete operations very fast and keep their customers happy.

Make it a point to install the Salesforce Excel connector. You will save a lot of time with the ability to link up the two otherwise separate record-keeping systems.